Cockballs template4 copy deffo babyIn nineteen eighty five, a significant piece of a badly damaged illuminated manuscript was found  in a cave in the western edge of Co. Clare, Ireland.

That’s 1985!!! Cock balls 80s3 copy That’s a long long time ago. last century in fact.Cock balls 80s3 copy But the manuscript was older still.

The manuscript was translated from an ancient form of the Irish language by the late eminent librarian EJ Gilbert.  This form of Irish is known as Lirish as it was blended with the rough Latin spoken by monks of a particular monastery of Ath Cliath now know as Dublin.

How the manuscript arrived in Clare is unknown.   EJ considered them to be the only remaining written history of a community of monks in a Dublin monastery circa 32 AD. However, meaner elements of academia thought him an ejit.

shallow focus photography of brown llama
This is the last known photo of E.J Gilbert.

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