Cockballs template4 copy deffo babyIn nineteen eighty six (1986) torn pages of A Latin Psalter were recovered in an Offaly bog.

Researchers suggested that the stories therein were curiously related to the Clare find.

What Mr. Gilbert found through translation – and he was no ejit I assure you – was a story of ancient life which displayed “a remarkable modernity in history’s repetition.”. Nobody understood what he meant but they were intrigued by his wild genius.

Throughout his career as a librarian in a small Dublin library – having shunned the cruel pomposity of academia – he had pieced together many similar fragments which turned up in the strangest of locations. Despite the order of the fragments being seemingly scattered and often random a story for him began to unfurl.

“History’s imagining is the present’s future” he wrote on his notes. “These are fragments of history. Read them swiftly and carefully and without prejudice. Be careful though some of this might be bullshit.”

He died before his truth was revealed. The academic closed Franks’s and hid his work from view.

Until now...................
brown four legged animal
Last holiday snap of E.J with his mates on a stag weekend.

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