Ita’s purpose

Ita had stored the books as safely as possible. She packed them away between the stone graves. The items had been carefully catalogued, wrapped in air tight bubbled plastic in a scientific style current Nordic Archiving standards.

As she stood admiring her work in the grisly catacombs shee heard movement in the distance. A long trail of torch light emerged. Betty and Patricia emerged from the glow; wellied up and earnest.

They brought news. Gilbert had fallen ill. His ex-wife Mary had brought him to the hospital and she no longer wished for Ita’s presence in his final hours. 

Ita bowed her head. Betty decided to attempt a hug which was rebuffed with a grimace.

“Mary has always been a slave to jealous. That’s her fucking problem. We all have to learn to share”

Her bitters word’s echoed through the chambers.

Gilbert and Ita’s first illicit holiday in Peru

A quick note: Ita is a very clever animal. Her favourite recent site was this!!!


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