Cicero’s interjection Pt 1

Let me interject. They are not going to get off with one another.

Any notion that this will descend into porn would be unrealistic.

“He is forty years her senior for the love of JEYSUS.” Cicero barked.

Crows scarpered. 

Let me introduce myself. I am Cicero. You cannot see me. Nobody gets to see me until they need me. I will tell you however; I am sitting in atoga under a fine tree, near a grave at the back of the library. Some things Iwill explain later but first let me tell you about the delicious delectium andhandsome Joanna. She was a young female radio researcher who had stumbled upon on rare revolution in the midst of a revelation. It beganwith a call to the radio station. Joanna’s mother was the City Librarian who had become embroiled in a public furore. Joanna was torn by the storm.

Suggestion for how Cicero dressed:


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