The homeless man

He dragged in the light contraption from the graveyard.

He dropped it. The pub’s audience turned liked lemurs.

The bang awoke them from their pints.

The light emitted. The hologram kicked into life.

“Shakespeare brings us to know ourselves.” he boomed.


He continued.

“DANTE with his dissections of all others, bids us to know one another”.

The groaned. “Not Cicero” they murmured.

The homeless man turned. He pulled the dirty blanket over his head in monkish shame. He disappeared and let Cicero provide the bar’s entertainment.

“Cast aside all ideas of government, leadership and -isms and tell democracy to aspect their armed force as purely for defence but do not lose yourself to the frenzy of war: THERE IS enough on this planet for everyone.”

Gus ordered another pint.



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