Chapter 1.1234

Frank sat in the workroom with his ample arse buried in the swivel chair.

He was earnestly reading a large new book, Managing Revolution, Libraries in a changing world, a European perspective with a Cuban Twist, Telematics XII III IV, recently published by the European Council of Library Rights, the American Library Association and the Australian Justice League in Berlin, with 679 pages including index and appendices.

If Frank had a sense of humour he would have considered as to what happens a book when the appendices go bad.

He didn’t hear Dorothy’s screams. The room was relatively soundproofed by the old books he had piled up against the doors and windows.

He had formally applied for the room to be professionally done, as a respite area for the staff, to protect them against, the ignorance, noise and persistent expectation of the public which had plagued the service.

Some felt their expectations demeaned any hallowed nature of learning, and as such belittled their want for open door inclusive policies.

Eamon appeared.

Frank jumped. His ample arse reaching an expected height of two inches off the seat.

“Oh thank Rodin you’re here” said Frank as his heart rate returned.

“Who is in charge here!!” demanded Eamon in a spectral tone.


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