Dorothy’s plumbing…

according to Cicero…

“Dorothy was one of the more interesting example of the more contemporary librarian. Her lisp, drinking habits, demure manner and appearance hid a librarian’s personality that was yet unclassified.”

Cicero scratched his testes.

“If I maybe impolite It is not uncommon for a librarian to be asexual or abstinent however this very desirable lady had reduced her sexual life to a silent ticking bomb.”

Cicero snorted while he dived into his chicken box, gnarling away obliviously at the animal bones. He continued…

“The danger to the asexual is the notion they have managed to blend the rational and irrational into a paragon of civic pride, threading the tightrope in their professional life allowing their feminine charm to rule while ignoring the importuning of powerful predatory men and indeed women.”

In the jungle of book-land her kind are deeply prey to the truth she does not face. To do so would bring the whole ediface down.

Cicero looked up at the builders assembling the scaffolding in the night light.

“But each library staff member is hungry for craziness, but then when it arrives minds fail and the dreams eat them. Drains will burst with their torment without words, and then the plumbing fails….

I digress. Dorothy had to call a Council plumber to fix the leak in the disability loos. It seems some kids may have been messing in there”


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