Ahem! Ita was not listening

Ita was not listening she was immersed in her novel. Rejection of interest focused the mind.

“They have stopped reading me. Thirteen years I have been up the hole of every writer in the country and not one can deliver the international readership that I crave.

“Only your daughter read some of it”

“It’s a sea of corpses out there. With this pen I will breathe live back into them”

She lifted her quill to the light of the lamp, reveling in the feathered candelabra of dreams.

“Seriously I don’t want to be cursing but what the fuck are you talking about”

“I have no motive for the Circle of Fifths. I’m stuck”

She sat down.

“And who are they?”


She looked at John a little differently. !x!x!x!x!


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