“How do I stop Gus talking out of his arse?”

Gus stood with his trouble. He entered the Librarian’s Office.

“Your late.” said Ita turning her wheelchair from the window. The key light framing her face. Gus sat on a tubular chair in front of a large desk.


Her smile was wicked. Gus nodded with defiance in his neck muscles. Ita picked up the phone. 

“Frank can you come here please”.

Frankwas glad of the call. He had been busy gluing books together and thinking casually about algorithms for information retrieval with his pants around his ankles. But the door was locked and the blinds we done for once. He enjoyed his work.

They waited for Frank.

Gus rolled his lips like a fish and made a kissing popped shlopp noise.

“So want on earth to you think you were doing?

She still wasn’t sure still was she talking to Gus or Sean,

“You ever get a pain in your hole Sean”

“That’s not my name?”

“What your name again?”


“You ever get an awful itchy arse Gus?. I imagine piles are in your life?” A hemorrhoid is not just for Christmas eh?! What’s your full name again”

“Gus Moen”

“Gus do you think your behaviour has been appropriate?”

“If this is a disciplinary meeting I need Union representation””

“Ha!!! Quite right!! How unfair of me!”

Ita lifted her self up by her arms like a gymnast. She pushed her feet against the desk rolling the wheelchair backwards and then her her legs straight in Olympian fashion.

Gus sat frozen.

“You ever feel you life not your own. You ever feel possessed.”

Gus closed his eyes to disbelief.

She leapt to feet and bounded over the desk.

Gus opened his eyes in shock to the closeness of a fit older woman.

“Possessed by my boredom perhaps?.”

Gus’s blue eyes responded with a reptilian glow. She caught him by the throat.

“Embrace boredom. Turn it into something beautiful. There are many persons in you my friend but the totality of you is not special. Fix on some normality and let it shine. That would be my advice.”

There was a knock on the door.


“Frank here will help expunge your demons. You will now be working in the IT Department”

Ita released her grip.

While he gasped for air she approached Frank seductively and lay her hands on his cheeks. Her smile made Frank melt.

“Frank. See that he does what you say. If not… you may flush his head down the Mortality Drain my dear.”


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