Rodin’s Spot

Gus stared at the plot. Rodin’s spot was considered sacred where all life sprung and prospered, apart from a few wisen leaves and withered roots.

On this spot in 1880 a great storm had came. The land had divided and changed, Trust was broken, the bitterness entered hearts of men and the knowlege of Man’s sharing was lost to Man. Laziness gripped the world and lawyers got rich.

The drunk people in the trees laughed. Cicero shulked behind his pint glass knicked from the pub.

Moneta looked at her father with a confused look. Her father hugged her close and kissed her close as the Monk’s appeared.

The drunks were silenced

-One more for the Mortality drain.

“Where did he go? Gus explained watching the man disappear in a haze of light.

The middle monk spoke.

The priests of the circle of fifths say –

“Cross the waters and follow the umbilical cord”

Gus looked at the sky and said –

“We where do I go from here”

YOU? – Do you have to be so base?!

Follow me!! I’ll see you right wha? I have no right to use this picture but Alamy has such lovely hands!! Hope he’s not having a dump!!

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