Thoughts on writing 1

Is one cursing themselves if they don’t plan their story?

Anne Cleaves seems to be a master unless she is being disingenuous!?

Or is there always a plan however vague. Maybe you just leave yourself open to a better ending that the character decides?

Or maybe the truth in which you mine has to be adhered to?

How many times I have started. How may times have I failed to finish. One fears that you are a cyclical mad man in the bubble of his mind.

Philip Pullman doesn’t believe in a plan. It is do constricting for him. But do you need some vague idea of what it is or how you will end it or are ways of writing as various and as mysterious as the reasons people are attracted to other people. Maybe its not worth too much thought?!

How sad is the effort of work unread!? There are worse things in life!!



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