XII. Abyssus abyssum invocat…

She was over doing her college course. Her pretense was peppered with brutal honesty and an infectious smile.

“Books and music were the only salve of the mind.” She said earnestly then with punctuation. “Except maybe a good ride”. We had laughed a good sixty-three percent of the time but now on this gloomy morning sleep wanted me.

It was the only tried and tested defense in the face of any compelling argument from either inside or outside the mind. My eyes wavered on the road. Her accent rung in my ear. He face pleading when I found her in bed with another.
“Are you talking to me or yourself” said Sean from the back seat.

“Fuck” I said as I waved the car between lanes blinded in phantasmagorical glow. I could see him in the rear view mirror.
“You go on and on and on and on and on. Get over it”
He laughed without pretension. What can one say to an eidolic character.

“Our father’s petty vandalism will cause a foolish war. I need you’re help?”

“I know fuck all. I know no father. I know no brother. Get out of my head. I have no need for you. ”

“Did you bring the fucking books back?”

“I’ll be back.” Said Sean

He leapt back into the radio from wence he came. His soul’s tail dispersed in a sunspot’s dust as it lightly littered the dash and dial in the morning light.
The journey continued. Destiny was a crash in almost every sense of the word. The word would send a wave through the oceanic tapestry of memory, rapacious stories and funereal suited soil. An end will find all eventually but for us it was finding the right bloody one.



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