This site is a jigsaw of honesty and lies and expression between both.

The pieces roll out like a soap opera.

Some may see it as nonsense and others an a novel of all that is wrong, funny and ridiculous in the eyes of a prosaic minded librarian.

At the very least you will find the lunacy behind the face of one particular library service in an unknown location, in a known land.

This will flower in imagination and reveal. The cloak of the demure face of a vocation revealed.

But first we must start with words because words are where one starts!!

We must assume therefore that words began with an expletive or a call to love. Sometimes they sound the same.

There are many expletives in the world but there is a growing coterie of librarian’s out that that feel some words say it best. Such words betray a poetry that is both romantic and expressive!!!

Such examples are:



Cunt arse


However the characters in this institution feel that with the exception of SHITEBAGS¬© – Cockballs and Pissflaps say it all!!!

Remember use them liberally but use them wisely. And not in front of children.

Enjoy the unfolding story my friends. Kisses!!

Cockballs & pissflaps copy

and love freely with passion and kindly.

P.s. this site is a littered with the fragments of a number of interconnected stories. See if you can put them together. Shussssh!! Don’t tell anyone.

P.P.s If you are looking at the punctuation you are missing the point!!